Mediacom: NZPA's Professional Press Release Distribution Service


A press release or media release is a cost effective way of communicating with your customers or target audience; but as newsrooms around the country are overflowing with incoming information how do you make sure your press or media release is seen by right people?

The answer is simple: use Mediacom

Mediacom is New Zealand’s premiere professional press and media release newswire giving you direct access to hundreds of media outlets across New Zealand and around the world.


  • Exclusive point of access to direct unedited releases to the desktops of editorial decision makers in every daily newspaper in New Zealand
  • Reach all New Zealand print, radio, TV and Internet media from one convenient location
  • Select pre-built distribution lists, or create your own with us for future use
  • Supplement Mediacom's extensive directory of media contacts by uploading your own list for inclusion in custom distribution circuits
  • Submit text, Word or PDF documents, JPEG, GIF and/or PNG images, for distribution
  • International distribution through AsiaNet’s networks of news distribution channels, reaching media across the globe

For more information regarding Distribution Lists and Prices see documents below

Core Distribution Lists (pdf)

Mediacom Pricing Guide (pdf)



Phone: +64 9 306 1652

Address: PO Box 2941 AUCKLAND 1140

Open: Monday to Friday

Mediacom’s Small Print

1. Mediacom will process and distribute your release immediately, or at a time
specified by you, to destinations specified by you.
2. Mediacom will “hold” a release for distribution at a time specified by you.
3. Mediacom will accept media releases in advance for after hours release at a specified time, if not during office hours.
4. Mediacom will distribute media releases with a stipulated “embargo” time, but will
accept no responsibility for the printing or dissemination of material from
embargoed” releases by any media outlet where this occurs after transmission to
the media and prior to the lifting of any such embargo.
5. Mediacom will confirm your release has been sent.
6. Mediacom will not be liable for damages or loss resulting from errors appearing within a media release. However we will issue a correction promptly, at our expense if the fault was ours. Errors corrected by the client will be charges as per a normal release.
7. Mediacom does not guarantee publication and takes no responsibility for the content of the release.

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