Research Now and Rakuten AIP Agree to Data Partnership in Asia

-- Covers mutual use of panel data and expansion of solutions across multiple 

Research Now, the global leader in digital market research data, and Rakuten 
AIP, the leader in online market research data in Asia, have entered into a 
strategic alliance that enables mutual access to each other's panel data and 
the development of digital research products and service. The agreement brings 
together Research Now's global reach and Rakuten AIP's recognized strength in 
twelve Asian countries: Japan, China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, 
Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines.

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The partnership expands the geographic and regional reach of each company's 
extensive databases of consumers for country-market and multi-country surveys. 
Clients will benefit from the ability to access data and buy sample from both 
Research Now's more than 11 million consumer and business panelists worldwide, 
which are supported by rigorous quality methodology for panel data management, 
and Rakuten AIP's industry leading panel and data assets, which include the 
largest online research panel available across the Asian markets and unique 
access to the Rakuten group's reach of over 1 billion consumers worldwide.  

The companies will work together to explore the development of new digital 
measurement solutions for Rakuten AIP's panel database, based on Research Now's 
existing advertising measurement and audience validation solutions.

These solutions arm clients with measurement and validation powered by 
first-party data from verified individuals.  Marketers and their agencies use 
Research Now digital solutions to track the performance of their media 
investments, optimize advertising campaigns, and ensure the delivery of 
communications to target audiences. 

Gary S. Laben, CEO of Research Now, says, "This unique partnership will advance 
the ability of marketers and market researchers to reach more effectively the 
consumers with whom they wish to engage, in a significant global market.  It 
will also benefit consumers by connecting them with brands and communications 
that are most relevant for them."

Atsushi Tamura, Chairman and Representative Director of Rakuten AIP, commented, 
"The decision of both companies to work closely in this partnership confirms 
each of our positions as leaders in our respective fields. Our combined unique 
strengths allow us to offer many clients an outstanding online proprietary 
panel resource and solutions."

About Research Now
Research Now Group, Inc., is the global leader in digital research data for 
better insights and business decisions. Founded in 1999, the company was a 
pioneer in originating online data sampling and created the first B2B panel. 
The company provides world-class research data solutions that enable better 
decisions and better results for its 3,000 market research, consulting, media, 
and corporate clients through access to over 11 million deeply-profiled 
business professionals and consumers in more than 40 countries. Research Now 
operates globally with locations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and 
Asia-Pacific, and is recognised as the quality, scale, and customer 
satisfaction leader in the market research industry. For more information, 
please go to

About Rakuten AIP
Over the last two decades Rakuten AIP has been at the forefront of consumer 
market research data collection in the Asian region. Rakuten AIP's online 
panels have been developed throughout 12 major Asian countries and regions, all 
of which are managed by dedicated local support teams and meet the highest 
standard of the industry. The team at Rakuten AIP offers 24-hour coverage from 
10 worldwide locations, providing exceptional service for our over 400 clients 
across the globe. Please visit for more information.

About Rakuten
Rakuten, Inc. (TSE: 4755) is a global leader in internet services that empower 
individuals, communities, businesses and society.  Founded in Tokyo in 1997 as 
an online marketplace, Rakuten has expanded to offer services in e-commerce, 
fintech, digital content and communications to more than 1 billion members 
around the world.  Since 2012, Rakuten has ranked in the top 30 of Forbes 
Magazine's annual "World's Most Innovative Companies" list.  The Rakuten Group 
has over 14,000 employees, and operations in 29 countries and regions.  For 
more information visit .

SOURCE: Research Now