Leica Geosystems Selects Getac's ZX70 Tablet To Power New Zeno GG04 Plus Tablet Solution

SYDNEY and AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Sept. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-- Getac's fully rugged tablet together with Leica's Zeno Mobile software and 
GG04 plus smart antenna provides highly accurate data collection in all 

Getac today announced that Leica Geosystems has selected its fully rugged ZX70 
Android tablet as hardware of choice for the new Leica Zeno GG04 plus Tablet 
Solution. The new partnership will allow Leica Geosystems to bring 
comprehensive geospatial data collection capabilities to its customers in all 
terrains and weather conditions such as utilities, public services, 
transportation and construction.

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Leica Geosystems has been creating professional measurement and survey 
solutions for almost 200 years and is synonymous with instruments of the 
highest quality. More recently, the company has developed a range of new 
software and hardware including its Zeno Mobile data collection app and Zeno 
GG04 plus smart antenna, designed to help customers capture highly accurate 
geospatial data quickly and effectively in the field. By combining these 
innovative products with Getac's fully rugged ZX70 Android tablet, Leica 
Geosystems has created a solution that offers industry leading measurement 
accuracy, connectivity and durability in a single, comprehensive package.

"The Getac ZX70 provides the missing piece of the puzzle for the complete 
surveying solution we wanted to bring to our customers," said Alexander 
Fischer, Senior Product Manager for Asset Collection & Management, Leica 
Geosystems. "Not only is it extremely durable and reliable, but the powerful 
Android operating system and flexible connectivity make it the perfect partner 
to our Zeno Mobile software and GG04 plus smart antenna. Customers can be 
confident of optimal performance, regardless of the environment they're in or 
the weather conditions faced."

Proven Mobile Performance and Seamless Integration with Leica Zeno Mobile

Compact and powerful, the Getac ZX70 fully rugged Android tablet is easy to 
hold and comfortable to use with just one hand, making it ideal for demanding 
field surveying work. The Android operating system seamlessly supports Leica's 
Zeno Mobile software, allowing for high accuracy Global Navigation Satellite 
System (GNSS) positions to be utilised and rich attribute data to be collected 
to be collected easily in the field. It also means any authorised Android app 
can also be installed on the device, depending on the required workflow or back 
office systems used, bringing a high level of usability and familiarity 
straight out of the box. 

Additional key features include the 7" IPS display, which is easy to read in 
all environments, including direct sunlight, while the LumiBond 2.0 touchscreen 
allows for full operation of the tablet in the rain and even with gloves on, 
essential for outdoor surveying work. The Getac ZX70's integrated 4G modem can 
transmit large data files quickly and easily, even from remote locations. The 
fast, stable and reliable data connection also allows users to effectively 
utilise Hexagon Geosystems' HxGN SmartNet ( 
) correction service, enabling accurate GNSS measurement to within one 

Finally, Getac's best-in-class bumper-to-bumper warranty, including accidental 
damage, means Leica's customers can purchase the new Zeno GG04 plus Tablet 
Solution in complete confidence that their investment is fully protected. 

"The ZX70 offers best-in-class durability, connectivity and usability, and has 
been designed to withstand shocks, drops, rain, vibration and more, making it 
the perfect hardware partner for Leica's industry leading Zeno Mobile software 
and Smart Antenna," says Amanda Ward, Director, EMEA Product and Solutions at 
Getac. "In the past, tape measures were used to triangulate positions in the 
field, which is neither reliable nor accurate. The combination of Getac's ZX70 
tablet with the Leica Zeno Mobile software and GG04 plus smart antenna saves 
time for both field and back-office teams, whilst the high-accuracy GNSS 
increases the validity of asset data and reduces the risk of errors."  

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